Alrighty all my CyberDayze peeps out there-LISTEN UP.

I ASKED you all a question in a previous post-”Would you be interested in buying CyberDayze in a PDF format at a much more palatable cost?”


As I suspected-nobody replied.


Fuck it. I’m gonna just DO IT already.

Which means-I got a WHOLE lotta work cut out for me.

I have to go onto the CyberDayze website and create a shop. Then I have to learn how to take credit cards. I have to know how to transfer the goods when someone buys. And I have to change the ‘Shop Now link on the four CyberDayze Facebook Pages and direct peeps to my website and not Page Publishing anymore.


It’s gonna take me a long long time to do all this.


I am about to make you an invaluable offer. In the meantime -while all are waiting for these changes to come about-I am offering a copy of CyberDayze in PDF format for you to read-FOR FREE.


You read that right.



All of you who are wishing to partake in this incredible offer, email me at and I will get to you your very own copy of CyberDayze-for FREE.

All I ask in return is that you write and post an Amazon Reader Review of what you think about CyberDayze.

Fair enough?

This offer will be granted to the first 20 email replies I receive-so-get going on it.


Got that?

Are we CRYSTAL clear here?


For all others:

You need to read the ebook of CyberDayze.


It has surprises…

And the ‘Shop Now’ Tab in the CyberDayze Facebook Pages.