Have you ever done something that you thought you would never, EVER do?

I did.

On the computer.

CyberDayze explores the implications of allowing your ‘intangible’, cyber life to cross over into your ‘tangible’, real life -and the consequences therein.

As a non-fiction book written loosely in an autobiographical format, CyberDayze also has a theory buried within. But I deliberately DID NOT disclose my thesis statement up front, with supporting documentation following. Rather, I turned it the other way around, which, in essence, made my supporting statements more of a mystery read-hints, mind you-and asking the Reader here and there, Do you understand what Im trying to say, yet, Reader? sprinkled within. Almost to the very end, I hold out, until I sum up the circumstances of events they had read and ALAS! agree that I certainly well might have a valid argument here.

The content is engaging. Interesting. Sad. Thought-provoking. Funny! And, yes, even erotic.

It is well worth the read and delivers a substantive message in its wake…


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