I know that in previous posts I have informed you that I am actively pursuing Howard Stern in picking up The Cause Of CyberDayze, by daily email, tweets and tags to him, usually consisting. of that day’s blog post

I am most certain that my email lands in his Spam folder, but I rest in the comfort of the belief that he most certainly employs a full-time staff whose job is to find the next interesting-and CONTROVERSIAL-in the case of CyberDayze-story to air on his show. And-in this never ending quest to unearth new topic content, ALL email-including Spam-is thoroughly read and evaluated

I also put in the ‘Subject’ line names of songs, to illicit interest in opening said email. Lol. Sometimes I even use movie names, as well. I was particularly fond of the one named: ‘OneFlewOverTheCuckoosNest’. And-how fitting, given the plight of the. Author of said email.


I wait patiently for Howard’s call, knowing the very busy man he must be.

But-I will get a response-eventually.

Today is the first time. I addressed him by name, in the form of a ‘letter’-which followed. the blog post.

Here is said correspondence:


CyberDayze has MANY topics in which your audience will be EXTREMELY interested in learning about.

I would LOVE to share them with you.

It also has a Message that HAS to be heard.

By the world.

You see, it seeks change in something that we currently only know it to be.


It’s a VERY important topic.

This is BIG.

Gina Davis

It’s BIG.


So, folks.

Shouldn’t YOU be reading CyberDayze to find out what it’s Message is???

It’s a BIG one…


And the ‘Shop Now’ Tab in the CyberDayze Facebook Pages.