So. I have been gone a long time, now, from Intangible.

Or, should I say ‘The Words’ have been gone a long time, now.

At any rate, I’m sure you missed me/’Them’.


I think I have a fan club. Not CyberDayze. Not ‘The Words’. ME.

What makes me think this? Several reasons.

1) I have an uncanny ability to direct traffic to wherever I want to, be it my many blog sites, and other sites that I am able to monitor traffic. Thus-people MUST be reading what I am posting.

2) Facebook offers tips on how to most effectively reach your audience. I continuously defy their one suggestion-keep posts short and sweet. Mine, GG, are long winded ones, wouldn’t you agree? [smiles] The reach of those posts are read more, by far, than my rare few short and sweet ones. Facebook supplies ‘reach stats’ for every post I make. So. I see you out there…

3) My following is increasing in most all of my blog sites, my two Twitter accounts, my four CyberDayze Facebook Pages (and-after all-it’s only a page for a damn book, right? WHY are people following?) and my CyberDayze website traffic itself.

What confuses me, however, is that sales stats from the publisher don’t mirror said following increase activity. Thus, maybe you just don’t want to read CyberDayze, I don’t know. Is it too lengthy? Too costly? Too complicated? I feel, at times, that I might intimidate. I don’t mean to. Maybe I’m wrong. I will never know, because I only get a rare few reader comments. Is that because…I intimidate? I hope not.

4) A few of you share my long, long posts to your own timeline-the ultimate compliment thankyouverymuch. That speaks volumes.

So. With that said, I now wonder why I only have a few ‘Shop Now’ visits. Don’t get me wrong-it’s NOT about the money. Far from it. CyberDayze has a Message that wants to be heard. NEEDS to be heard. HAS to be heard. It’s something that will bring about tremendous change in what we currently know things to be. Therefore, I will keep my part-timer busybusybusy with her daily tweeting and tagging the Big Guns-Howard, Ellen, Oprah and Dr. Phil. I think she has taken it upon herself to add others-about fifty! in all, she told me. The New York Times and I don’t remember who all else. Mymymy she is another soldier carrying the Message of ‘The Cause Of CyberDayze’. She’s a dear.

So. I will continue posting my long winded, off the wall posts here and in my blog sites, but will no longer behoove you to read CyberDayze, but will, rather, enjoy my rock star status by entertaining my fan club. Works for me. How about you? [smiles]

One thing is for certain-Stalkerhacker reads every single word I write. I don’t know why he cannot give it up already. Oh yes-he is Stalkerhacker. I thought about banning him-naw-I like keeping him entertained as well. And. He is Stalkerhacker. He will ALWAYS find a way to get back in

I will probably-forever- end off with:

Bear with.

CyberDayze will be VERY interesting to your audience. Thus, I would love to share with you about it!