An Intangible friend sent me this email:


I just rewrote my pof (dating site) profile. Hmmm….. I think this is the one who

will capture the Heart of the Girl of. My dreams. What do you think? 🙂

“Due to popular demand, Ken v2.0 has just been released and is available

for download, complete with rewritten profile due to changing times and

a recent personality transplant. I think you’ll find a more informative

if not friendlier user interface, faster response time, a richer

“feature set”, and all with a minimally larger “memory footprint.”

Let’s face together the Hard Truth.

What we write in our Profiles as to Who We Are, is not really who are,

but who we would like to think we are. If we are lucky, we actually

believe our own Lies.

And what we write in our Profiles as to Who We Want to Meet is not

really who we want to meet, but who we would like to think we want to

meet. And if we are lucky, our selected mate will have even one of those


With that much understood, I am seeking interesting experiences and a

companion for them. And I’m emotionally hard to bruise and quick to heal.

I prefer a woman with a credentialed history of placing third or better

in a beauty contest, but will consider a. Miss Congeniality type if you

are rich. Angry and bitter women especially encouraged to respond, since

I won’t take it personally, having not done those terrible things to

you. I can nod my head and say “Uh huh” sympathetically with the best of

‘em as you recite the long list of transgressions against you. I bet you

feel better already, don’t you!

Favorite number: Pi. It is not only irrational, it is transcendental as


My needs: Not many. Though I could use some help coloring my hair

again. It’s grey now, but a little Nice ‘n’ Easy 13A will sparkle me up.

We can do it together. It will be a bonding experience. And bring us

closer together. It’s a rough world out there, and there is strength in


I replied back:

“Lololol!!! You never cease to amaze me.

It is so true that our profiles reflect not who we are in Tangible but rather who we WISH we were. Likewise, whom we seek in a mate in Intangible does not mirror that of which we desire in Tangible.

Moreover, remember my blog named PLAUSIBLE? In it I state that, in the course of countless hours chatting in Intangible with another, we build an-often high-expectation of that person. Will they possibly live up to that ideal when Intangible and Tangible ‘collide’? And. What about that person’s expectations of YOU? Maybe you, yourself, will fall gravely short of meeting said hopes that another has formed of you during your mutual exchange in Intangible.

Given this, might it be best to leave said correspondence in the safe confines of TheWorldWideWeb, in order to avoid the mass dose of disappointment you most certainly will experience when you discover that your dreams and hope for said person falls short?

Welcome to this new millennium.

I remember when you told me if I lived up to 70% of your Tangible expectations of me, I would be doing very well.

I think I can meet that-maybe even exceed that?-ideal.



My blog post:


It is odd, really. The wishty-washy feelings, anxiety? doubt, uneasiness, anticipation that all sweep over you like the mad rush of a hurricane, when it comes down to the final moments before ‘Intangible’ and ‘Tangible’ collide. Can you possibly match up to that person’s expectations, desires, dreams, and hope that have all. built up and solidified. within the course of countless hours, chatting in ‘Intangible’? And. What about your own expectations? Have they been created on nothing more than a vast sea. of quicksand? Maybe.. So. Is it best to leave ‘Intangible’ right where it belongs-within the safe confines of TheWorldWideWeb-in a dizzying dash to douse that disappointment you most certainly will feel when your dreams, hope and desires quickly come crashing down and become nothing more than past tense? Maybe so. Or, not?

Welcome to this new millennium.


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