This is a post that I made in all four of my. CyberDayze Facebook Pages, that I share, now, as today’s Blog Posts in all twenty four blog of my sites.


I am now CERTAIN of my suspicion that is stated within in.

Here it is:


I just recently wrote and boosted (advertised) the following post in one of the other CyberDayze Facebook Pages-and watched-in awe-the reach of that post almost immediately make it. into over 315.

I stand dumbfounded.

I just cannot understand WHY my extremely long-and thought provoking-posts are so popular, much more so than my rare, ‘short and sweet ones are. Especially when Facebook tips suggest that you keep post lengths to a minimum.

All I can say is that my statement holds true: I am merely the messenger.

Here is that post:


You know, I created my four- CyberDayze Facebook Pages to promote and sell my book, CyberDayze.

But, other things are happening, here, as well. Slowly, but surely.

First off, I don’t find it coincidental that three- Five Star Amazon Reader Reviews use almost the same words I use in describing CyberDayze to you: I say: “It’s like no other…” Reader Reviewer: “Unlike anything I have seen.”

I say “It’s a trip.” Another Reader Reviewer wrote: “Anyone who has been in the www for any length of time can relate to this book. Ms Davis tells it like it was, like it is and like it always will be.” I sum that up with “It’s a trip.” Two of my Press Release stories also hit it on the nailhead with their comments, as well. “Author Gina Davis’s [Iamanauthor???nowayIamawriter] book CyberDayze follows a path of both hope and deceit as one delves into TheWorldWideWeb.” [Ilovethatone] And. “Gina Davis has completed her new book “CyberDayze”: a tale of unrequited love with excerpts of well-known song lyrics to emphasize the experience.” Although that doesn’t speak of the cyber experience of CyberDayze, it did pick up two other very important topics that unfold in the book. [GGIcantfigureoutwhyyoudontwanttoREADcyberdayzeGG]

But. There is more going on in these pages.

‘CyberDayze’ is also a… phenomenon, as well.

Phenomenon, defined-”the object of a person’s perception; what the senses or the mind notice.”

TheWorldWideWeb IS something that EXISTS, but in an ‘Intangible’ way. Thus, every one of us who visits cyberspace is ‘a member’ of something that is basically-undefinable. But, we are a member, nonetheless. I wonder what my Pages might evolve into in the future-a meeting place for CyberWorld members, of a sort? I have been thinking about this for a while now, the realm of what could be, but I haven’t quite yet defined it. Bear with me.

So. Does this make sense to you? When I started CyberDayze, I planned on-and am-offering ghost writing services to those who have a cyber story to tell of their own. And. I’m certain that there are many out there that have stories to share. Oh-yes! I recently received my FIRST customer! And have already completed chapter 7 of this EXTREMELY interesting saga that is quickly unfolding. [IcanbearlykeepfromspillingthebeansGGitsrough]

But, CyberDayze talks about many different subjects within its pages, and, while I don’t wish to give the story away (exact words used by a Reader Reviewer, btw) I’ll go on to say that the characters introduced in the book ACTUALLY EXIST-in TheWorldWideWeb. One has returned, finding himself in a very perplexing situation. What is he going to do? I can’t say, but it’s so INTERESTING a topic-all manifested by one thing-the vast, untouchable-but-there nonetheless -TheWorldWideWeb. In fact, whatever this character chooses to do can itself write a whole new CyberDayze book. Shall I give you a hint? [sureIwill]

‘CyberDayze: refxw’ will be its title.

So. Do you follow me on my idea that these pages represent more than just the selling of a book? Have I given you something to ponder about today? TheWorldWideWeb is endless-and because of that, we are just at the beginning of what can come about-”when Intangible and Tangible collide.”

CyberDayze. It has a Message that wants-HAS -to be heard. It seeks Change. And. It’s been left on my doorstep for this to come about.


Do me a favor: read CyberDayze and let those pesky ‘Words’ know what you think of ‘Their’ work, would ya? Jesus, ‘They’ make my life so difficult as ‘Their’ messenger.

You just can’t imagine what I go through for those pesky ‘Words’.


It’s like no other…


Read it.

You won’t be sorry.


It’s a trip.


You want the ebook.


It has surprises…

And the ‘Shop Now’ Tab in the CyberDayze Facebook Pages.