I FINALLY [thereISagod] have come across a new, interesting, intelligent, articulate Intangible friend with whom I am extremely excited 😊 about sharing my new (???) CyberDayze. I had sent him the wildly popular ‘The Saga Of ‘C’ story, and commented that maybe he will take the place of my sadly missed Incognito Intangible Friend known only as ‘C’. After reading said story, he emailed back that he will be named ‘My Incognito Tangible Friend known only as ‘Q’. Lol 🌞


I FIRST must await his reply to the question I posed to him, as explained in the email I sent him this morning:

“Awww, thank you 😊 for your endearing signoff as ‘your ever devoted TFK as. ‘Q’. How sweet.

I guess I need to clarify something with you, because maybe you haven’t been ‘with me’ long enough to be privy to it. I once blogged:

“I have two separate and distinct lives:

‘Intangible’ is my cyber life and ‘Tangible’ is my real life.

I prefer Intangible.”

Thus, although you prefer to be called my Tangible Friend, you really are an Intangible Friend-because I have not met you in Tangible. But. I’m willing to compromise.



You have absolutely NO clue on the cyber soap opera into which you are about to stumble.

Thus my need to forewarn you of such. And give you the option to bow 🙇 out, if you so choose.

Many things I wish to tell you about cannot yet be shared, because you haven’t finished reading CyberDayze. And some of my Saga tales would ruin the punchline for you.

It’s SOOO difficult to keep my 🤐 mouth shut.


My story telling, of course, hinges upon your decision of if you wish to move forward into this 😜 crazy CyberWorld drama of mine.

Or Not.

😒 hmm.

Which might he choose…






I DO know with which he will reply.

Big headed?

Maybe so.

But it probably follows more along the lines of that which is suggested in the attached image.


Or maybe it is ‘big headed’.


Probably a bit of both.


That’s it.