IoT (Internet of things)

5 min readJun 21, 2022


Consider you went shopping and you were very tired, you wanted your room to be chill when you entered the room, with a normal home it is not possible but it is possible with a smart home

When all your devices are connected over the internet and you can transfer data in mobile application and control all the devices connected to it is called smart home. IoT is a device connected to the internet. IoT is technology that is going to rule the world. IoT is not only used in manual way, it can be automatic too. It can be used for bedridden patients. Since they are unable to walk and move and if they want the room temperature should be normal. Automatic sensors will detect the temperature outside the home and will raise the temperature if it is cool and decrease the temperature if it is extremely hot

IoT can be classified into two categories general and sensors. In general devices connected to the internet work by our command. In Sensors devices connected to internet that works in automatic according to the change in environment

IoT devices are connected to the gate way and then analyze the data and works according to it

Advantages of IoT:

IoT is used in fire alarm, sensor connected to gateway will detect the temperature and identify about the fire accident and automatically it will turn on sprinkler

Human life is compressed with pressurized work environment, we may forget to feed pets, we may forget to turn off AC, we may forget to eat on time, we may forget to water plants but all these can be done by IoT in automatic or remote manner

IoT is not only used in homes, it is used by industries to indicate temperature and pressure

Smart watches are used now to detect our pulse and intimate SOS numbers saved into it, if pulse rate reduced or no movement found in the body with low pulse

Smart washing machine which washes our clothes, it will automatically decide the amount of water and soap power wants to add to it

It is used to treat patients if doctors cannot visit the patient directly

It is used to find amount of toxicity present in Air and water

It is quite easy to handle and user friendly

It helps humans to work efficiently

Disadvantage of IoT:

Since IoT has lots of advantages it has some little disadvantages too. It makes humans lazy

Since all devices are connected to the internet it should be protected from Hackers. Only 5% of the company is safe and secure, 20% of company have moderate cyber security plans, 75% of the company do not have any cyber security plans and they do not have cyber security awareness

If IoT smart home is not secure it will be easy for hackers to rob

Digital lock always not 100% efficient

Future IoT technology:

Automatic smart cooker — Consider you want to prepare rice when you are outside the home, if you stock water and rice in that cooker and mention the amount of rice and water in the application then it will be automatically started boiling the rice and it will become ready when you reach home

Smart bag -It indicates the weight of the bag, reminds us of the things we left to take, reminds us to take some things which are not essential to us on that day and it will also warn us that it can withstand up to these many kgs

Smart foot wear- It tracks the steps we walk and calories burnt. If small kids wear those foot wear their parents can track where their child activity and where are the places they are visiting

Smart charger- It indicates the temperature of the adapter and automatically disconnects from devices if it is completely charged

Smart pan- In this pan you can set the temperature you want to cook, it will turn off automatically if food starts burning and it indicates whether the food is too spicy, salty, or too sugary

Smart hanger rope-sensors are connected to the rope and if it is raining it will tell the owner to take off the clothes

It is the best start up idea to start the IoT company which makes home to smart home and provides data security protection

It also helps in farming. It always senses the environment and provides water to plant if the land becomes dry and intimate farmer if land is too watery It also helps farmers to do farming as per the current climatic condition. It also indicates the minerals present in water so that farmers can add minerals according to it

Possible Cyber Attack in IoT:

Middle man attack- It is the way in which hackers interrupt the connection between device and application and he gathers information about the device IP and gather many information and builds the payload to take advantage of the vulnerability in the target and he can observe your activity

It can be avoided if the device follows the secure transfer protocol like https instead of ftp and http

Denial of service attack -In this attack hackers may send multiple flooded requests to the device and makes the device stop for a while

It can be avoided if it blocks the requests from unknown connection

Sniffing- It is the process in which hackers gather the information which you send to your device

It can also be avoided if the device follows the secure transfer protocol like https instead of ftp and http

The new blooming IoT technology in Intel:

It is edge cloud strategies- As mentioned above cyber threats are the significant issue and that’s why people do not trust clouds, intel gives solution to the problem and offers secure cloud that is secustaks and it is very trustworthy because it uses transparently integrated cryptographic mechanism to secure the data stored in the cloud. Intel believes strongly that both hardware and software security are essential to build a safe cloud environment so it works seriously on both hardware and software while building a secustaks

As there is always an increase in need of data centers and intel satisfies the need of data centers by collaboration with Red hat

Intel smart home- The intel provides smart home from which we can detect number of person available in home, detect person who is knocking the door, get notifications when someone damages the door and windows, encrypts data and make your data secure

This blog is written by Balakumaran K and my mail id is , this blog is written for blog-A-thon competition conducted by intel IoT club, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham Coimbatore