Hustle 4.0

We hustle not to post on Twitter or Facebook.

We hustle so that it is posted in our account books.

We hustle not to leave digital footprint of our world trips.

We hustle to leave a permanent footprint of the time spent in this world.

We hustle not to look down on anyone.

We hustle to stand up to anyone.

We hustle so that our children know that ALL real men earn a living.

We hustle to gladly pay bills.

Never ever allow anyone take away your right to hustle.

Let’s go pay bills.

Hustle is the difference between being a man and being male.

Hustle is what gives men dominion over their families.

Hustle is the qualification that gives you the title 'Man'

Just like you can't be called a Doctor or Lawyer without going through medical/law school, you can't be called a man without hustle.

No hustle. No Man.... (only a male)

May the Almighty bless our Hustle.

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