No pain, No gain...

Today I am writing to thank you all for the prayers and support as we successfully conducted a sensitization summit on our product in partnership with MTN Nigeria, the Animal Identification and Management Solution(MTN AIMS) to major stakeholders.

All National Exco,Zonal and State chairmen of Miyetti Allah, Ardos, Amalgamated Cattle Market Operators, Butchers Association of Nigeria, Road Transport Owners and Workers, Security Operatives, Local and International Media Organizations etc..

The Sultan of Sokoto, Lamido of Adamawa, Emir of Kano, and other major Emirs were represented..

I am also writing so that you can learn from our journey, one out of many, not the first and surely not the last.

No successful Innovation is a product of one man or one mind. 
MTN AIMs is definitely not an exception, it is a result of sacrifices of a lot of people: Programmers, Vet Doctors, Hustlers, Security experts, Pastoralist,Accountants and Investors.

I'm honored to be part of it and humbled to be the team lead.

We have travelled far and wide, consulted various stakeholders, heard from a lot of experts, researched extensively on international conventions, sought for profitable partnerships and established links with manufacturers etc.

There is a lesson for us all here, nothing this good is possible without partnership and sacrifice.

There were sleepless nights, fights, near heart attack situations, disappointments and family inconveniences..

Success is like an iceberg…
most people will just see the surface but don’t know what’s beneath it.

Behind every successful product there are years of hard work, dedication and determination.

Nothing worth having comes easy, there will be many failures, challenges and disappointments on the road to success.

Don’t take successful teams, products or organizations for granted, know that they put in a lot of work behind the scenes to get to where they are at today.

An excited journalist asked me a question yesterday after the summit regarding our preparation for challenges ahead... 
And i answered truly that we don't know how now, but I'm sure we are going to get through anyhow INSHAALLAH.

Hustlers are gladiators.
We slay dragons. 
We don't quit. 
We multiply.

We have not started yet, we are just warming up... 
We cannot afford to be complacent... 
We have to continuously improve....

A hustler never truly 'arrives'..
It is a continuous progression.

Once again, thank you so very much for everything and I pray that in our story you learned that nothing is impossible.

If we can, you too can do more than this.

Let's Roar!!!!!


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