State of My Mind (Wailing, Hailing and Hustling)

This is the best time to hustle in Nigeria. ..

This is the best time to create businesses, build products, form partnerships. .

This is the best time to invite foreign investors. ..

The best time to come up with profitable solutions to the so many problems we have...

You know why?

Majority of my country people are busy wailing or hailing over Baba and Mama Buhari..

Some Wailers are forming alliances with some Hailers over comments and responses to comments..

Such a waste of time, energy and resources.

So, while most are busy wailing or hailing, just enjoy the free space and hustle hard.

People are not thinking. So enjoy the monopoly before they wake up from this obsession with created beings.
Be obsessed with the opportunities provided by the Creator of beings.

Allow them to Wail or Hail. Last week, it was DSS vs Judges, next week, a new episode.

Hustle. Do not wail. Do not hail.

From the Desk of the Hustler General of the Federation

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