Vitamin for the Mind...1

Hate no one no matter how much they have wronged you.
Nothing displeases those that have wronged you more.. 
Pray for them... 
Always pray for those you love too,and those who love you- the dead and the living.. 
And the Angels will pray for you in return...

Be proud of your lowest moments because at the end of the day those events made you....
Always think positively no matter how difficult life has become...

You have to embrace your uniqueness and the way you go about doing this is by being proud of the positive things that transformed you into the person you are today..

Never forget where you came from. 
Use it as motivation to push you to new heights.
Always be humble no matter how rich or influential you become..
Be proud not arrogant...

Share from the blessings you have been giving but never show off.. 
Givers always get more. 
Whatever it is that you want more of, give more if it than you receive.. 
Don't ever regret giving, helping or sharing, especially with those in need.


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