Let me never be helpless to help others

Dear stranger, I’m determined to win you to me. I’m working to win your charity. I’m setting out to build a new way for the service of humanity. Everyone is entitled to the things that keep them living and thriving. That’s my fight, and I’ll bite like a madman for this cause.

Serving people is what matters, and I want service to be the basis of everything I do. I might be stacking boxes or typing data entries or cutting fruit from trees for how ever many hours a day, but I’ve decided that I have to do something that I know matters, and I can’t go back from here.

To be level, I don’t want to charge anyone money anymore. I just want to work for free. There’s a cause living in me. It speaks to me, it nags at me, and when it sees signs of the hardships of humanity, it enlivens and enrages me. I can’t put this down and I can’t put a price on what I’m doing. Whatever I have to offer others can never be for sale. My work is meant to be free.

“But wait!” says the reasonable voice, “you still have to make a living, right?” Yeah, I do. I have a family of five (and a dog and three cats) and making my service free may not seem like the responsible thing, but it’s the right thing, and I’m set to succeed at working for free whatever the cost may be. I’ve come to the conclusion that if I’m not living in a way that’s responsive to the hardships and indignities I see the best way I know how, then I’m not living responsibly.

This is not just about me. There’s a problem that all of us face together: Service for money will never serve the needs of humanity. Everyone deserves to have their needs met. This was decided by forces greater long before our species ever arrived here. An income for the work of service can never be about choosing between who can and can’t pay. Everyone is entitled to the service of those that can meet their needs, so I’m not going to put a price on the time I have to take care of somebody. The work of charity can only be supported by charity, and I’d rather beg for bread than demand it. I’m good at charity. I can become expert at this, so I’m going after it like Pan in the forest. If I’m going to pursue a work that benefits the whole of humanity, I can only make a living by refusing to put a price on what I’m doing.

There are many like me who are service-minded and who lack any ambition for the pursuit of money. There are people like me who have no idea what to do with a million dollars (other than to give it to their mothers). I don’t want money. I want to see the world made beautiful. I want to see the full light of every soul shining. That’s what makes me happy. That’s what drives and motivates me, and nothing else ever will.

Humanity has nothing to do with money. We are a living breathing body of something ineffable. Isn’t it obvious how special we are? how special you are? every last one of us; I don’t want to trouble anyone about God, but there you are. This is worth the trouble. So I’m going to live on the basis of donations from now on. I’m going to make myself an ongoing charity and work for nothing else.

This cause has a name: We call it Mother’s Keeper, and you can find out more at www.motherskeeper.info.

Originally published at motherskeeper.info on January 13, 2017.

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