I get it, I get it. You don’t like Hillary for your myriad of reasons, real and conspiracy-theoried. But if you think pointing out her ‘bad deeds’ makes what Donald has said about women, has done towards women and his lack of remorse about any of it, okay, then you’re part of the damn problem.

A murderer should not get away with murder, because the next person on the docket is a bank robber. No, they should both be dealt with accordingly, separately and within the law.

A man who claimed that sexual assault is okay, because you’re rich and you can do what you want, then apologizes in the same way a sullen sibling does when Mom says they’d better apologize or go to bed without a cookie, does not deserve a host of ‘well, that’s just boys being boys’ bullshit. He’s not a boy. He’s barely a man, but real men do not condone talking about women like they’re things. Real men step up and step down on bullshit so-called locker room talk (Fox News, of all people, actually ran a piece with tweets from people who actually spend time in locker rooms).

If you’re one of his apologists, then we need to reconsider our friendship, because I stand beside the survivors who have had to listen to this nonsense for days. No, scratch that, we have been listening to this bullshit for our entire lives.

And we’re done being considered less.

We’re done with the concept that we’re only worthy of respect, when we are someone’s daughter, mother, aunt, grandmother, etc.

We are done with listening to men like him get over on public opinion, because the media and its lemmings are again focused on the wrong thing.

Pussy, pussy, pussy… no one gives a fuck that he said pussy.

We care that he is one more man who thinks he’s entitled to lay his hands on that pussy without consent. We care that his apology wasn’t an apology at all but more excuses for his abhorrent behavior. We care that millions of men, women and especially children have seen a potential president who is a predator of the worst kind. And that he sees nothing wrong with his behavior.

He is normalizing the continued misogynistic concept that we women are here solely for the appeasement of men. We are not.

If you can’t understand that, I don’t know how else to lay it out for you.

(Oh, and don’t bring up Bill. 1. He’s not running for office. 2. What happened when he was president is between him and his wife. And 3. she is not responsible for his behavior. He too is/was a big boy who could’ve kept his penis in his pants.)

I’m out.