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Artificial Intelligence powered Anti-Cheat

Constellation Network

-Eliminate wait times of up to 7 months for your reward as a gamer or artist
-Users are more concerned about their data security than ever before-Allows gamers to be in control of their own data
-All transactions are available on the public ledger
-Helps deliver a valuable service without adding latency to the users experience
-Cyberlete trophies are NFT’s that are tradable on the network. Creating a Non-Fungible Trophy for clients to win. Gamers who are participating in playoffs and for fans who support the ecosystem.

Trusted Platform Module (TPM)

Problem and Solution

Payment System

Rules and Regulations

Local Events & Tournaments

DDoS attacks & other malicious activity

Team Creation

Parental Controls

Developer Operations


Token Economics: Introducing the $LEET token

$LEET Token Utility



  • Allow access to prize pools
  • Earn an APY by facilitating DATA throughput (Bandwidth Pool)

Prize pools

Bandwidth Pool

Who will use $LEET

Gamers can:

  • Stake to play in competitions
  • Purchase in app merchandise including gaming peripherals
  • Exchange for an upgrade to their console or PC
  • Donate their $LEET tokens to others on the platform (like their favorite player or team)
  • Hold $LEET in their accounts to unlock discounts for in-app purchases (0% — 10%)

Tournament organizers will need $LEET to:

  • Fund prize money: Cyberlete certified event hosts will provide various amounts as prize money to pools
  • Host events in the future

Game developers

Subscription as a Service Model providing access to

  • Anti-Cheat technology
  • Cyberlete graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Cyberlete API and data technology


  • To advertise to gamers, companies must stake X amount of $LEET token
  • Alkimi (Advertising Partner) will reward users, publishers and advertisers for participation. Fewer Ads, better user experience, increased engagement.


  • Create spectator passes to view Cyberlete events within the metaverse


Review of Team




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