White-People-Only DNA Tests Show How Unequal Science Has Become
MIT Technology Review

Refinements are generally processes of going from the general and large and super large to the small, super small.particular and specific and super specific , perhaps while specificity unavoidable the worry should be in abetting and preventing the opportunistic exploitation and inhibitions of such new insights of human specificity. It seems to me that our effort to advancement and refinement. Inevitably leads us to specificity and specifics are determinants of variances and diversity. To be specific we often magnify what otherwise is insignificant or diminish what is otherwise large and inconceivable.we can clearly see what the earth is like from the space station and decrement it to be able the specific shapes of the continents and oceans and magnify to see what an amoeba like. Likewise if we have to look at the Nano level bottom we may not help amplifying the nanoscale difference . Perhaps today we are able to see and come up with a therapy that differentiates between the races , digging further we will certainly come up with something that will discriminate with in the races and not only that going yet further between the left leg and the right leg of an individual because all these are specificities that will go on magnified as we keep on advancing and refining. Perhaps if change the spectacle we at it and see the opportunity than the undue advantages part of the society gets and see the revelation of the amplified specific for what it is we might be able to use the same in time gotten knowledge for the betterment of others as well.