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Better Together, Anywhere

In 2007, cash-strapped Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia spotted an opportunity when hotels began running out of rooms in the build up to a conference in San Francisco. Chesky and Gebbia bought some air mattresses for their flat and threw together a website with photos and promises of a “home cooked breakfast” for guests. Three guests and $240 later and Airbnb was born. By 2017, Airbnb reached a value of $31 billion and founders Chesky and Gebbia became the first pioneers of the sharing economy.

From Airbnb’s humble $240 in 2007, the global sharing economy market is expected to exceed $335 billion by 2025.Driving this market growth are C2C sales, freelancer gigs and temporary staff employment services, housing rental, travel sharing, and car sharing. Whilst finding fame in peer-to-peer startups such as Airbnb and Uber, the sharing economy is expanding to the B2B domain. Yard Club is one such company whose platform allows construction companies to rent heavy equipment from each other. …



We make enterprise autonomous. Our Autonomous Enterprise platform revises all enterprise processes to make them human free.

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