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Another insightful and smart review from a vivid reader and literary critique in the united kingdom..

…Felix connects the two genres seamlessly and I loved reading about Nele and her world of using cyber-space to help people who are in trouble and to train them to help others alongside her…

In our next book we will tell the story of Jane, our Deceptionista. You may remember her from our first book, “Ayden’s Choice”. Here are some teasers episodes to get you interested.

The green hat is missing the badge, and the sash she cut from a green t-shirt has signs…

Trailer for our newest book!

We found a great fan of our book who created this trailer catching the very essence of it. Looking forward to hear from you how you like it! More on our website.

Will Ayden escape his racist persecutors? Will his cyber talents free him from oppression? (Available on Amazon)

A pursuit of freedom.

On the back seat a teenager sat nervously fumbling for his phone in the footwell. His fingertips brushed hard plastic and he strained to inch it closer, fixing his eyes on the driver as he did so that he could plead, “Turn back, please turn back… Sir… Please take me back…”

A terrible crime has been committed that only Ayden can solve with his cyber talents, two innocents without hope are in prison, and the people who should be helping them are blinded by racial prejudice. Will Ayden’s unknown saviors manage to fight the Wall of Blue with their digital powers? Can they prove the truth and give Ayden a new life to unfold his potential?

Our first book just released all over the world.

Roughly eight years ago I fought my way free from an evil religious cult with the help of some old cyber nerds. Little did they know how far this journey would take them. Little did they know what power they unleashed, what movement they started.

The capacity to bend cyberspace…

Nele Vonlanthen

Hi I'm Nele, this is my story! I escaped an evil religious cult by gaining digital powers and formed a group of real world heroes fighting for the good.

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