Crush Your Summer Internship

A free 12-week program

There’s a lot of clichéd advice like “dress professionally” and “show up on time”. But let’s get real — this isn’t middle school orchestra. You’re an adult, and this is the beginning of your career. You’ll need to develop professional skills that are expected, but unspoken. You’ll need to understand performance criteria, how to execute effectively, how to talk to your manager, and how to advocate for yourself.

My name is Brenda Jin, and I taught myself to code in 2013. Within 5 years, I’ve become one of the highest-ranking engineers at Slack. I got here by developing skills like professionalism, communication, and leadership. I’ve taught these skills to my mentees, who have in turn gotten incredible job offers and promotions while experiencing personal learning and growth.

I created Crush Your Summer Internship, a free 12-week program, to show you how to use these skills on your own. By developing these skills now, you’ll have a competitive edge for the rest of your career.

Here’s a peek at the topics we’ll cover in 12 weeks:

  • The Art of Introduction in 3 Steps
  • Managing Up: Stating Your Goals
  • Becoming a Top Performer
  • Discussing Performance Feedback with Your Manager
  • Managing Timelines and Expectations
  • Building Your Network
  • Owning Your Achievements

Sign up at Cohorts start every Monday from May 14th to June 4th, 2018.