I’ll address this nonsense paragraph-by-paragraph.
Dread Beard

“I take it that you’re a fairly new voter since your grasp of the system is pretty much inaccurate”

Excellent start with a put down, I’ve come to expect this from you neo-liberalists. I’m a 30 year old man, and I have a full time job… but why should that mater? Why is ageism totally fine for you hypocrites, but say anything remotely offensive to your special interest coalition and watch out.

“Right. They did the same thing in 2008. Guess what? Hillary lost in 2008. And what leadership? Let’s get some quotes and names, here.”

AND? Obama and Hillary share all the same policies, with very minor differences, more importantly they serve the same interests. BTW, it wasn’t a legitimate system then either, but the public didn’t contest it so it didn’t matter. The party got behind Obama, because why wouldn't they? Once the soreness of loss was all over, they had no principle or interest in holding out. 2008 is literally the farthest thing from what 2016, the only similarity is Clinton.

“You know that? Based on what? The results would disagree with you. Hillary Clinton has millions more votes than Sanders.”

First you have interests that are best served by silence and denial, so nobody could convince you anything. I base this on the clear public will, the second you eliminate all those who are forced to vote for Clinton, it’s clear the will is with Sanders. They even say so leaving the booths, “he can’t win, so …” It was the known strategy, deal with it, that’s how you won.

“who is now trying to overturn the popular vote is a hypocrite?”

Voting is meaningless when it doesn’t actually reflect the public will, and in fact you only won NY with vote suppression. How come it’s possible when republicans do it, but when the DNC does it, it’s conspiracy? It wasn’t just one race either, it was clearly part of the strategy.

“the vote totals being bullshit”

YEA, I do. You don’t need a conspiracy to do it either, it’s simply economic interests being served. I also don’t believe it would orchestrated by the DNC itself, it would require private interests acting independently. Democracy isn’t only because it’s hard to imagine otherwise, it must be proven without requiring trust in the dominant institutions. The software utilized in the machines can definitely be compromised if mishandled, either by accident or intentional. We have reasonable doubt, without an audit as I described I must assume the results are manipulated.

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