Pay-as-you-go cloud platform offers fast, convenient web design | Web Design Company in Mumbai

There aren’t many businesses out there who do not have a website, even those who are new to the business require a website, but building a site can be cost intensive and keeping the website up to date can be time-consuming and a costly affair.

Therefore, a Texas-based software developer company named Snaplitics has come up with a new web development software which is an affordable tool for creating websites and landing pages without having to hire a web developer.

“A website which is less than 3 years old and tells a story and is a professional website is a crucial component of a business’s success,” says co-founder Sean Hynes, “we wanted to make the process easy for even non-tech savvy customers without charging them never-ending developer fees.”

Snaplitics aims to remove tedious hand-coding, unintuitive user interface, static templates, security holes and loss of data ownership in services like Google Analytics. “I wanted to help business owners, employees, bloggers, and casual web users with all levels of technical experience to modernize their dinosaur websites and help them launch a successful business on the web, “ adds Hynes.

The website development tool uses a column and row type level drag-and-drop interface that isn’t restricted to a template, and the tool possesses innovative features like SnapStats analytics provide detailed, real-time data about customers, hear maps and more. In addition to this, Snaplitics comes with marketing tools including lead capture pop-ups, integrated landing pages, and social media sharing.

There is also a video of how it works below.


Originally published at on April 5, 2017.