Web Design Trends 2017 — An Obvious List

When we talk about Web Design Trends on 2017, many people have written articles about it, when certain trends exists there is reason to highlight them in blog articles. We have created such web design trends for 2017, which we will use to show the article in great detail.

Here are some trends list:


It is quite simple, movement holds the attention of people who have little time to give to websites. You will see more parallax background and animation. This is often done using CSS3 programming. The term CSS3 is a marketing term, much like the phrase responsive design. Regardless of movement, it is seen that it catches the eyes of the users. You don’t have to look far than the Facebook app. Images, slideshows and videos fill the feed now.

Typography is a part of design too. Make sure you do not overlook this important design element. Typography is a great way to highlight content. As an example, look at news sites around the world, the heading and sub headings of the website, you can easily see how fonts garner attention as much as a image.

Hero Images

Speaking of image, something which has been in trend for 3 years and is still going strong is Hero images. What is Hero Images? Basically it is a big ol’ image on the homepage of the website which takes up all the imagination of the people. For example, take a look at 502’s home page. Sure it’s a video, but on devices and internet connection it is just an hero image which appears.

Large Content Areas

These are areas on the website which makes content shine. What’s content you ask? Well my friend, content is the Images, Video, Colors, Fonts on your site. They are the pretty things which make your website shine and make people like, and interact with the brand online. What are large content areas, you might ask? Typically called modular design, it creates vast white space to highlight the content to draw the eye.

Brighter Colors & Bright Gradients

Like comic-based movies, people like bright colors, so it is important to incorporate them in website. But it is necessary to not get too carried away with colors, but if used within the proper boundaries of your brand, it can be awesome. Element 502’s home page has an example of a gradient that is multi-colored but in our brands spectrum.


Originally published at www.cyberrafting.com on June 23, 2017.