“Cyber Security Threats to the Biometric Systems.” (From our Forums.)

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Jan 10 · 3 min read

Text originally published by josphatsikana on the Cyber Secure Central Forums.

The advancement of technology has made our lives better in many ways. It has made the world to be a global village. We can access certain information, shop, or book from home over the internet. However, our dependence on these technologies has resulted in a great number of threats to our security and confidentiality. Since technology has made everything available online, there is a new threat many people are facing called cybersecurity threat. Security is important when personal details are concerned but it is compromised because of such threats.

Cybersecurity threats

The increasing digitization generates needs for cybersecurity. Compromising with the cybersecurity is a threat to your confidentiality or personal information of your organization and clients too. This is a threat to an individual, a nation, or an authority. Clifford Stoll, a computer programmer observed some irregularities in accounting data in 1986. He then invented the first digital forensic techniques after realizing that an unauthorized user was entering into his computer network and steal important information. As asserted by Clifford Stoll, cybersecurity refers to the security of the computer systems including their software, electronic data, and their hardware. Nowadays, the level of cybercrime has increased because many people are using these technologies to do crimes for their personal interest.

What are biometric systems?

Biometrics is defined as permanent information of an individual. The information is used for an important purpose like verifying your identity when voting, transacting big money among others. Biometrics includes information like the fingerprint, DNA, or human characteristics. Therefore, the systems using such information are called biometric systems. A good example is the fingerprint scanner, frequently used in the hospitals and in some offices like in the office of the president. It serves as one of the finest advancements of technology and has proved to be helpful. Most importantly, these systems only allow individuals whose bio-metrics match with the ones stored in the system to pass through. This is one of the finest ways to ensure security.

Threats of biometric systems

Although the biometric system is one of the finest technology advancements, the system still faces a lot of security threats from hackers. The miscreants, for example, remain to be one step forward that has resulted in a security threat to biometric systems as well. It is nowadays very hard to accept the credibility of a biometric system because of the growing security threats. The miscreants do not leave a single way to gather the kind of sensitive information they want thus becoming a threat to many nations as it can allow a terrorist to obtain the sensitive information of an individual or a nation and use them to fulfill harmful intentions.

What is the cure?

Being strict on the cybersecurity laws as well as giving proper punishment to those who violate the law is the first thing to do to reduce the cybersecurity threats of the biometric system. It is not impossible to deal with cybersecurity threats of biometric systems as most of us may thin because the threats are created by many and therefore can be prevented by man. Advanced technology must be used to protect confidential information. Lastly, educate people about different cybersecurity threats; it is important to make individuals aware of such threats and suggest them precautions while using any confidential or personal information.


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