“Tips of Protecting your Business from Cyber Crime.” (From our Forums.)

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2 min readJan 4, 2020


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Many people think that the only form of cybercrime is about a hacker breaking into their computers and steal their personal and financial information. Yes, it is one of the cases of cybercrime. There are many reasons for the current high rate of cybercrime. However, with these tips, though simple and common, you can easily protect as well as prevent your business from cybercrime.

Email Security Optimization

Having multiple layers of security prevents hackers or cybercriminals from accessing sensitive information of your business. Hackers will be discouraged in their efforts to find their way through the built-up security levels as it will not be easy to access data in the company’s database.

Make Use of Companywide Password Policies

Actually, hackers look for the password to steal the information from your company. So, how do your password from being stolen by the hackers? It is very simple. You should come up with policies that regulate and guide how the company’s password should be used by the staff. Ensure your staff use two-factor or multi-factor authentication when logging in anywhere.

Use State-of-the-Art Protection Software

For effective security of your company, you should make sure that firewall, antivirus, malware, email spam, global DNS protections software are in the tip-top shape. If you are not sure how to run them, which program to run, or how to update them, then it is good to seek advice from the IT experts.

Understand the vulnerability of your IT networks

Ensure that your IT Support expert runs the test on the data centers as well as IT infrastructure to make sure the cyber defenses are up to speed, can detect any threats, and root them out. Have a managed IT support to monitor all the activities.


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