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Solving Online Fraud is an Uphill Battle for Authorities. Asset Recovery Specialists are Outpacing Law Enforcement

Online fraud and financial crime are on an upward trend with no signs of slowing. The amount of money stolen through scams and fraud far exceeds a billion dollars each month. This phenomenon is a global issue. Scammers do not distinguish their victims by location or social class.

It’s not surprising that law enforcement agencies around the globe are having a tough time trying to bring that number down. Yet, the sum of financial assets stolen from private citizens in search of a better life continues to break records year after year.

Investment fraud, romance scams and cryptocurrency schemes are…

Binary Options scams continue to rage despite dozens of regulators, governments and industry figureheads denouncing the entire industry.

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Binary Options Scams Wreck Retail Traders

The Binary Options industry was all the rage at the start of the decade. A huge selling point of Binary Options trading was the simplicity and the fast paced nature of trading. These features made it an incredibly easy product to sell. The overwhelming perception of ease made it accessible to literally anyone. Binary Options made investing in complex financial instruments a simple game of high-or-low.

According to the Times of Israel, the FBI estimates that Binary Options Scams steal approximately $10 billion around the world each year. …

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So far in 2020, cryptocurrency scams, thefts, hacks, and frauds netted criminals $1.4 billion in just five months.

If you are a Bitcoin investor, blockchain advocate or involved in decentralized finance in some other way, you most likely are aware that many cryptocurrency scams are threatening the community. However, Bitcoin and many other digital assets are a new and unfamiliar concept to many. As digital assets grow in popularity, curious people start to get involved. Unfortunately, there are thousands of sophisticated scammers preying on newcomers who aren’t yet literate in the world of crypto.

In this article, we will explore some of the most prevalent cryptocurrency scams to be on the watch for. At the end of the…

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Gold scams and investor complaints are on the rise as the demand for online gold investing has surged in light of the impending economic downfall.

During any economic crisis, gold, silver and other precious metals have historically been the go-to safe-haven assets that investors flock towards during times of uncertainty. Many reasons make gold and other precious metals so attractive in a time of crisis. In this article, we shall explore why the demand for gold (and silver) has erupted recently, how the COVID-19 pandemic affected supply, the risk of investing in precious metals and how these conditions made the perfect circumstances for gold scams to explode.

Why Invest in Gold

Anyone familiar with trading or investing will know there is an abundance of asset classes you can invest…

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Facebook scams have been in overdrive during COVID-19 lockdown.

Have you been spending more time at home than ever before? Many governments have requested or required citizens to shelter in place until the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic blows over. Since your favourite pizza place, salon or coffee shop is also closed. Maybe you’ve been thinking about working on the new you. You’re not alone, and the scammers and con artists know it. Facebook scams have not only surged but also adapted to the unique situation which has made them more useful than ever before.

Why it’s easy to become a victim of Facebook scams

Billions of people use Facebook every single day. It’s an advertising powerhouse which companies…

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Forex and CFD traders potentially lost over $1 billion trading the markets during COVID-19 lockdown.

Financial regulators have been warning forex traders and retail investors about market volatility and various scams amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. There is a real possibility that you have been a victim of foul play without even noticing. Massive volatility has easily hidden the deception of forex brokers in plain sight.

How global markets reacted to COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic emerged in January 2020. The Chinese Communist Party and other world leaders assured the public and businesses that the risk was controlled and limited. Despite all the positivity, the number of cases in Europe and America escalated throughout February and continued to grow exponentially. As the events…

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