Meta Transaction on Ethereum

Meta Transactions Enable Gasless Transactions

In essence, meta transactions allow users to interact with a public blockchain without paying a transaction fee. This leads to a more seamless UX as users no longer have to understand the inner workings of public blockchains and market dynamics for transaction fees.

The Two Types of Meta Transactions

Centralized Relays

Who’s Pioneering Meta Transactions?

The most well-established initiative pioneering meta transaction is Open Zepplin’s Gas Station Network (GSN). The GSN is an open-sourced community-driven effort comprised of a consortium of different crypto projects pushing for mass adoption. The GSN is an open-sourced SDK creating a decentralized and trustless mechanism for leveraging meta transactions for any Ethereum application. With the GSN, relays will take care of paying for verified transactions, allowing users to quickly onboard and easily access their favorite dApp.

How does it work?

The Gas Station Network consists of relayers, also known as gas stations. Gas stations can accept etherless transactions from users, filling them with gas by signing them, and then returning the transactions to the users and relaying them to the network. With this architecture, trust can be minimized in a decentralized fashion. A single open-source smart contract, called the RelayHub, acts as a registrar for relays and facilitates transactions between the relays and smart contracts.


Meta transactions significantly abstract the complexities of gas away from the user. As a result, dApp onboarding is made easy and users can begin enjoying the massive benefits that web 3.0 applications provide. Over the next few years, it will come as no surprise if meta transactions become common practice when developing new decentralized applications.



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