How to buy CyberX Project Tokens ?


My appreciation for your kindly concern about our ICO, even we are not really public in Bitcointalk.

Now I am guiding to how to buy CX Tokens in case you do not know or new to ICO.

1st step : Visit

  • You have to scroll down to see the registration form
  • You will see a form like below

2nd step :

  • Fill in all required information such as Mail, BTC, Eth Wallet and Password.

3th step :

  • After clicking Join Now, you will receive an email from for converting btc and eth for sale in advance. After following the instructions you will receive a confirmation mail for the token you received.

Note: Please back up the email information and password for example Cx to use for reception code when we play PC and android wallet. To avoid “pending” you should use or myetherwallet. If you need assistance please, send an email to for support. We only use 3 email addresses in the pre-sale :; and

Any emails coming from other addresses are fake.

Twitter :
Website :
Linkedin :
Telegram :
Reddit :

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