Top 4 highly underrated ICO’s and projects worth an investment

It’s from my own great experience how to collect ICO. I have earnt a lot from KNC, MCO, ADX, REC, PURA, BCC and SUB.. etc

  1. Electroneum

Electroneum is the first cryptocurrency designed around mobile ubiquity. It is designed for the estimated 2 billion smart phone users around the world and with mobile mining, easy transfers, online and offline Wallets.
Electroneum is a currency that will allow anyone easy access to a cryptocurrency regardless of technical ability

2. CyberX Project

According to recent objective assessment, CyberX project is worthy of this position. Technological and development factors have built the CyberX project into a potential project for you to invest.
They have been very well prepared before launching the market after some tactical changes.
Total Supply: 29,000,000 CX
Smart contract: 0x905b2dbc78de2140777ef81205724ba9eb8526a1

Cyberx team consists of experienced experts who have been successful with many big projects. We come from many different countries and together try to create the best crypto in cyber-security

3. Hextracoin

It’s the hottest currently I do believe, it has many rounds to sell, but once it is live, it’s sold out within a minute. It will start lending soon with ROI 48%/month, 9 millions tokens will be sold. It will ends at the end of October.


Recently, Hextracoin has had some problems with the system but they have overcome, we will update more information in the coming time.

4. Utrust

I have figured out that Utrust is a blockchain-based platform that combines elements from traditional payment systems with the advantages provided by cryptocurrencies. The platform allows users to buy items, digital or physical, with their favourite cryptocurrency or token while providing a consumer-protection system in which coins are held in escrow until the transaction is fully complete. In case of a conflict, the resolution is handled by Utrust.

The company seems really professional & seems to know what they are targeting. However, there are very less details about the real product itself. They changed their ICO structure after the announcement. They will announce the Crowd sale dates during the first week of October.