CYBEX Q4 2018 Transaction Fee Burning Plan

Dear CYBEXers, the 2nd round of burning transaction fee has been implemented!

Details are shown as follows:


Burning Plan

① CYBEX will execute burning in the last week of every quarter (March, June, September, and December);

② The burning volume will be 50% of the total transaction fees as of a certain time (decided by the block) within a week before the execution week;

③ The aforesaid “transaction fee” is the fees generated during bidding, canceling in EXCHANGE page and is limited to fees in the payment method of CYB;

④ Burning method: Transfer a certain amount of CYB to account “null-account”, which is specialized for dumping CYB. Tokens in this account cannot be transferred out or receive airdrops.

⚠️⚠️⚠️NOTE: null-account is created by the system, an account without public keys. Anyone can check it in account permissions page.

⑤ The burning result will be published in the CYBEX community on a quarterly basis.


Execution Results

According to the above plan, the 2nd execution of burning this quarter will be done this month. The burning this time covers from Sep 23, 2018, to Dec 19, 2018.

Execution blocks: Block#6000000 — Block #8499999.

The total transaction fee in this range is 103913.98484 CYB, fees in other paying methods are not included. The quantity that needed to be burnt is 50%, which is 51956.99242 CYB.

As shown in the picture below: