Warning! Counterfeit APP Is Snatching Your Assets

[CYBEX Safety Warning: Downloading counterfeit app may lead to grave financial losses]
Dear CYBEXers,
Recently, we have noticed a COUNTERFEIT CYBEX APP in Google Play, trying to induce users to download it, which may lead to grave financial losses. We hereby call for your greater vigilance. Please distinguish the official CYBEX APP.

Please notice the following instructions when downloading in Google Play:
1. The offical APP of CYBEX in Google Play is named CybexDex, with no space in between. Please do not download any other APP with similar names;
2. The corresponding developer account of CybexDex is zqy@cybex.io. Any APP developed by other developer is counterfeit. Please do not download that!

Currently, we have only noticed counterfeit applications in Google Play, not any in AppStore of Apple. If you found any pirated CYBEX applications, please contact us. We will reward valid tippers.

We recommend you to download CYBEX through the official and safe link below:
iOS visit: https://www.cybex.io/ios_install
Android visit: https://fir.im/cybex

Thank you for your support for CYBEX. In order to prevent counterfeiters from taking the opportunity, the CYBEX team warmly reminds you: When it involves money, you must be more than careful! If you have any questions, please contact us!

Hope you have a great time!

CYBEX team
Nov 8, 2018

Hope you have a great time!

Nov 8, 2018

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