Photo courtsey of the Library of Congress

Here’s how you can actually change gun laws

Enough of the thoughts and prayers. Enough of the angry posts across social media. If we’re really going to change gun laws, we need to change Congress.

Below is a list of who we need to vote out of the Senate this November to have a chance at sensible gun laws. Next to their names are their challengers and how to donate to them.

If you aren’t in these states, please consider donating to the challengers. A number of these elections will be close. And that’s where sending $5 to an opponent could make an actual difference in November.

As of June 22, those states are FLORIDA, ILLINOIS, NEW HAMPSHIRE, OHIO, PENNSYLVANIA and WISCONSIN and they have asterisks next to them below.

Vote out: Richard Shelby Vote in: Ron Crumpton Donate

Vote out:
Lisa Murkowski Vote in: Alaska’s primary on Aug. 16 to determine challenger.

Vote out:
John McCain. Vote in: Ann Kirkpatrick Donate

Vote out:
John Boozman Vote in: Conner Eldridge Donate

Vote out:
Marco Rubio Vote in: Patrick Murphy Donate

Vote out:
Johnny Isakson Vote in: Jim Barksdale Donate

Vote out:
Mike Crapo Vote in: Jerry Sturgill Donate

Vote out:
Mark Kirk Vote in: Tammy Duckworth Donate

Vote out:
Dan Coats Vote in: Baron Hill Donate

Vote out:
Chuck Grassley Vote in: Patty Judge Donate

Vote out:
Jerry Moran Vote in: Aug. 2 primary to determine challenger.

Vote out:
Paul Rand Vote in: Jim Gray Donate

Vote out:
David Vitter Vote in: Caroline Fayard Donate

Vote out:
Roy Blunt Vote in: Jason Kander Donate

*New Hampshire: 
Vote out:
Kelly Ayotte Vote in: Maggie Hassan Donate

North Carolina: 
Vote out:
Richard Burr Vote in: Deborah Ross Donate

North Dakota: 
Vote out:
John Hoeven Vote in: Eliot Glassheim Donate

Vote out:
Rob Portman Vote in: Ted Strickland Donate

Vote out:
James Lankford Vote in: Mike Workman

Vote out:
Pat Toomey Vote in: Katie McGinty Donate

South Carolina: 
Vote out:
Tim Scott Vote in: Thomas Dixon Donate

South Dakota: 
Vote out:
John Thune Vote in: Jay Williams Donate

Vote out:
Mike Lee Vote in: Jonathan Swinton Donate

Vote out:
Ron Johnson Vote in: Russ Feingold Donate