CyBit™ within a quick period has done quite well and several things have already been accredited to their success. We have a platform of our own, crypto currency of our own and the best part is that we also have economy of our own. This very economy run through the CyBit™ podium involving the entire CyBit fraternity is known as “Cybitonomy’. In a nutshell, Cybitonomy is the mechanism of trading eCBT tokens as a source of payment or they could also be used in any project in the form of some utility tokens or perhaps as a mean of giving discount. This could also be attributed as a digital currency and providing innovative, secure and profitable ways for the investors to trade online.

The phenomenon of Cybitonomy encapsulating the entire CyBit™ platform is quite productive and flexible to adjust with the ever-changing market demands or the needs to of the stakeholders associated with the name. The concept works based on some well though and strong principles which are introduced to sustain and market the brand to a larger set of audiences. The platform itself supports considerably for the sake of maintaining a strong foundation of relationship between the investors, founders and the overall community with the intention of maintain complete transparency as well. This is all what was done before the actual launch of the CyBit™ platform as creating principles before the initiation and following it religiously gives a definite roadmap all through the different phases of the platform.

The platform brings prosperity, hope and lots and lots of motivation for the startups. The investment mechanism is tried hard to be made safe for the investors, while providing complete protection against the defaulters as well. It creates a marketplace for projects of varying scales and provides full exposure in terms of trading to the maximum possible levels. The eCBT liquidity enhancements opportunities is another big thing that takes the platform to an altogether newer level. Moving on, it is then the user experience of the platform which is totally flawless and enticing enough to generate a lot of business across the platform. The transactions and anything associated with our client’s and their investment security is given the top most preference. The system in the first space has been made extremely safe for all clients through the endless support of our technical team who with their capability and understanding the CyBit™ domain came out with the best possible secure solutions. Then, the system was tried and tested for its security encompassing all the scenarios associated with the crypto currency, transactions and anything which could make your investment at stake.

This is not something that was forced onto the CyBit™ platform. Rather, this all came by choice and was intentionally designed to help all the innovators, startups and other forward-thinking investors who are looking to give a definite shape to their well-thought and well-groomed business idea. This all is worked upon without any discrimination of the physical location of the investors, their origin or what socioeconomic status they have.

CyBit™ is a solution-oriented platform and it strives hard to work on multiple issues to come up with solutions that startups usually are looking for. As a useful tip to all the startups, the success of a startup is highly dependent upon the urge of connecting the interest of the right sort of like-minded people at any given stage of their respective growth, no matter whatever the situation demands.

Naquib Hatami
Blockchain Fintech Product
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