How the crowdfunding future is shaping up?

No matter, you talk about business or any other thing, the future could only be predicted when you are well aware about the present. So, if we talk about the crowdfunding mechanism, the present is quite promising with a lot of potential to flourish even more in the near future. In this present day, the crowdfunding technique for raising funds has revolutionized from a limited fundraising model supporting personal ventures to an extremely promising corporate tool. But, considering the significant revolution in the crowdfunding domain, the basic concept has already endured and now what we can expect for its future is the million dollar question to brainstorm.

Equity crowdfunding is touted as the top most industry disruptor of both the present and future financial markets. The equity crowdfunding concept is all about the offering of the securities of the private companies for the sake of investment intended by a specific group of people. For this reason, it is an integral component of the capital markets. Not too long ago, the equity crowdfunding model was exclusively available for the wealthiest investors only. So, any wealthy investor having an annual income around $200,000 or may be having net worth of well beyond a billion dollar could think about investing through the given option. But the efforts of platforms like CyBitTM has brought it down to be availed by anyone in the market. Theoretically, things were changed drastically at the time when the JOBS Act was signed by President Obama some 5 years ago but factually, the change was recently implemented when the opportunity was finally opened by the Securities & Exchange Commission of the United States.

The rise in technology in crowdfunding was always on the cards as the market in the recent years is growing exponentially and as per World Bank, the investment in crowdfunding would reach nearly $95 billion by the year 2025. It is highly imperative and essential for the business such as CyBitTM to get to the right people. The technology future of the blockchain based Ethereum crowdfunding model is to vouch for developing a data driven architecture so that the needs of the projects are met in the most effective manner. With further enhancement, the next phase in technology would ask the crowdfunding platforms to employ the influencer search option mechanism for the sake of identifying the initial prevalent adopter which would eventually lead the fundraising campaigns to the gold mine of the sponsors.

Just as the things in the financial industry are shaping up of late, we are all moving quickly towards a very exciting phase in the investment domain. The entrepreneur from now on are expected to count on their chances and consider whether they would prefer to for the crowdfunding markets at the first place or they would prefer going with the private investors. On the other hand, the investors would also be required to figure out that what actually the initial success through crowdfunding mechanism would mean for a startup. The most interesting element of all is to consider that what would be the scenario when the seasoned investors would be leading the initiatives through crowdfunding platforms rather than looking to raise their very own set of small funds.

Luckily, and with a lot of hard-work and research, CyBitTM platform is actually moving in the same direction and expected to bring about considerable and highly effective changes in the crowdfunding mechanism in order to facilitate the investors in the best possible manner, while keeping the integrity and transparency to the maximum. In order to learn more about the current and future prospects of CyBitTM crowdfunding platform, do visit our website at: CyBit.IO

Naquib Hatami


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