How to decode CyBit ICO White Paper

An ICO white paper is designed to drive all your decision making that revolves around the investment that you wish to do with an ICO or a crowdfunding platform. Getting subjective with the document could return objective results to your million dollar query that whether you should sign-up with the ICO project or not. In order to learn about CyBitTM in detail, the white paper of the project would detail the following crucial information about the platform for you:

· Company History — This is the first thing that you would get to know about CyBitTM. Open the white paper and find out about the timelines associated with the establishment of the company. It will tell you about its crowdfunding project and the types of funding options that the investors could avail. Also, use this medium to find out about the location of the company and the transparency maintained to ensure clients that the company is genuine and not a scam.

· CyBit Projects — Crowdfunding is the main product of CyBitTM platform where it supports three distinct and diverse range of the fundraising campaigns which are the Crowd Investing, Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and the Crowd Funding options. The platform facilitates the investors with its uniqueness of financing the different projects with complete liquidity and full transparency.

· The ICO Team — This is probably the main driving force behind the success of any ICO or crowdfunding campaigns. CyBitTM in its white paper details about the highly experienced team right from the founding members/ CEO to the core development team. You may find out about the skills and experience of all our staff through the white paper channel.

· Road Map — Road map is the center of attention of the document which details about the different set milestones which the ICO is working for. CyBitTM ensured the transparency here and is proud to share that all set milestones have been achieved so far just as they were planned and the future milestones are also within grasp. This part of the document also gives you an idea that where the company currently stands and how the system would benefit you by joining the campaign at any given time, as depicted in the road map.

· Technology — Technology is the key to success with the ICO type platforms. CyBitTM takes great pride being working on the high in-demand Ethereum based blockchain model. Further, for tokenization, the highly innovative ERC-223 protocol in implemented which is not only secure and cost-efficient but also backward compatible with the popular prior version of the ERC-20 protocol.

· Token Value and Token Distribution — This is the prime information center for getting the information about the value of the tokens and also gives you the direction that if the token is in the tradable state or not. Moreover, CyBitTM also promotes about the steps taken for increasing the token value. The difference between different tokens and the rights of the ownership with the token holder are also discussed to facilitate users. On the flipside, token distribution explains about the approach associated with the distribution process of the tokens and their legitimacy as well.

· Usage of the funds — Thoroughly read this part of the document to understand about the ways in which the funds would be used by the CyBitTM platform.

· Terms and Conditions — This is a must read section of the white paper which literates you about the policies and procedures of the company.

CyBitTM associates much of its success to the well designed and well formulated white paper which gives a thorough insight into the projects and operations of the platform.

Naquib Hatami


Blockchain Fintech Product

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