A different aspect of HR management! CYBRO HRMS — Human Resource system

A different aspect of HR management! CYBRO HRMS — Human Resource system

A powerful & productive HR department can provide an organization a better architecture and the capability to fulfill the needs through the human resource management.

So you must have an excellent HR management system for the successful running of any organization….

Are you still in search of such a system? So CYBRO HRMS is the answer…. A mouse clicks away….

Are you still in a dilemma? Wait and have a look …..

CYBRO HRMS is web-based software used to design, organize and focus a company’s Human Resource Department The software automates the organizations' daily activities and time-consuming HRM tasks It allows multiple users to access from different locations and to manage the HR system ensuring better productivity All Integrated To Single Desktop Application.

The software integrates the biometric Time and attendance devices. This efficiently tracks employees time in and time out sessions enabling to get accurate attendance report, Birthday wishes, photo gallery and facility to notice is an added advantage in CYBRO HRMS.


1.Admin Module defines company structure.

2.Employee Management Module tracks employee information.

3.Time And Attendance Module automated by integrating a fingerprint detection system.

4.Entertainment Module includes Poll facility, birthday wishes, photos.. etc.

5.Leave Management Module to apply and assign leave.

6.Project Module to schedule and track project and its progress and bug tracking.

7.Work Report Module to track employee work progress on a daily basis.

8.Pay Roll Module to customize company pay structure and its processing.

9.Holiday Management Module customizes company holidays.

10.News And Notice Module to circulate company information.

We are providing ready-made CYBRO HRMS software with complete source code…

Main advantages of buying source code

· 1 week free training & support.

· You can hire our employee for future customization.

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