By implementing Odoo ERP what are all the benefits that a company can attain ? ? ?

By implementing Odoo ERP what are all the benefits that a company can attain ? ? ?

1 . Efficiency -

ERP system removes repetitive procedures and greatly reduce the need manually to enter the data. The system will also streamline business processes & functionality and makes it easier and more efficient for companies to collect data .

2 . Integrated Information -

Instead of data distributed throughout a number of separate databases , all information is now kept in a single location . Data is also store consistent and up-to -date .

3 . Reporting –

An unified and single reporting system to analyze and track the status . ERP software helps make reporting easier and more customizable . With improved reporting facilities , your organization can easily respond to complex data request . Users can also run their own reports without any help from IT .

4 . Visibility –

Complete visibility of all the processes in all the departments (which is useful for senior managerial persons) .

5 . Systematic and Automatic Work flow –

Interdepartmental , Systematic and Automatic Workflow ; which helps us to tracking all the process details which result in analysis of business growth .

6 . Business Intelligence -

Some ERP vendors can broaden their system to provide business intelligence functions hence we can get overall vision of major areas of problems or major areas need development .

7 . E-commerce integration –

Advance level of E-commerce integration is possible with ERP . Which helps us for web based order tracking or processing .

8 . Various modules –

Different modules in ERP system helps to attain more efficiency .

9 . Module wise software –

Odoo ERP consists of different modules . Hence integration between the modules is easy . If any new modules implemented the integration in between the various functionality or departments is easy .

10 . Centralized Storage and Back up –

ERP enables Centralized Storage and Back up of all data .

11 . API ( Application Programming Interface ) -

ERP is easy to integrate other systems for example bar code reader with ERP with API ( Application Programming Interface )

12 . Globally Dispersed enterprise managing -

ERP systems are also helpful for managing globally dispersed enterprise companies , in better way .

13 . Customer Service -

It’s easier to provide efficient & quality customer service using an ERP system . Employees can interact with customers better and can improve relationships with them , through faster , most proper access to customers’ information and history .

14 . Security -

A new system will improve the accuracy, security and consistency of data .

So what do you think now ??? Odoo ERP is necessary , isn’t it ???

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