Based on the various roles and different dimensions of customer relationship managing the CRM can be classified as follows.

1 . Operational CRM

2 . Analytical CRM

3 . Collaborative CRM

4 . Geographical CRM

5. Sales Intelligence CRM


Main aim of operational Customer Relationship Management is to automate and integrate three main functions; Marketing, Sales and Support. It generally consists of dashboard that provides a single page view of all 3 functions for any specific client. Ie dashboard displays, any client’s contact, information, previous sales and support help (if any) etc . CRM capabilities;

Sales force automation:

This feature mainly involved in all stages of sales. It deals with lead management, opportunity, forecasting, supervise sales performance and incentive compensation management. Ie,. Handle all sales responsibilities.

Marketing automation:

This feature deals with all marketing process. Its capabilities include email and campaign management, lead reporting and analytics, search engine optimization of websites & blogs and social media management and landing page and form creation.

Service automation:

This feature is all about customer service and support. Customers are supported in different ways like email, phone, ticketing portals, etc.,


Here, the major aim is critically evaluated the data of customers obtained through variety of sources and present findings so as to permit the management to make better decisions. Analytical CRM systems make use of techniques such as data correlation, mining and pattern recognition. These analyzation help to upgrade customer service by discovering each minor issues which, if undetected. This proactive study will help in building customer faith, expectation and loyalty. It also helps to take good decision and helps to make better plan for business development.


Here, the aim of this CRM system is to organize external collaborators like vendors and suppliers as well as interactions across the organization. Mainly this type of CRM involved in improving communication between organization and customers. Which also helps to attain the high quality customer service.


Geographic CRM (GCRM) blend the geographic information system and traditional CRM. Geographic data can be analyzed to plan about customer visits.


Most of the successful organizations overcome the challenges of spotting out the most likely buyers of their products or service via sales intelligence CRM. These CRM can be used to acquire more information about the market by using different features of this these firms are able to maximize their chances of hitting the target and can be able to improve efficiency and productivity .

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