How to convince boss for ERP implementation

Bringing change can be one of the hardest tasks in any organization. It can be from both the worker’s side, but the change can be restricted from the management side as well.If your company’s boss is convinced that enterprise resources planning ERP is not right for their industry, it is possible to change their viewpoint. It may not be easy for sure, but it is well within your reach. Your boss or project manager may believe that ERP will not yield the appropriate return on investment (ROI), they or could have supposed to believe that some of the common ERP myths … Like…

• ERP does not benefit the entire company

• Existing processes are sufficient , so ERP is unnecessary

• ERP is just for impressing customers

• ERP is too expensive for anyone aside from huge corporations

Regardless of their reasoning for avoiding an investment in ERP, there is a good chance that this technology could significantly benefit your company. Here are some important concepts to present to your boss if you are eager to streamline your processes , improve collaboration , and establish transparency.

1. ERP can save Money

2 . Saves Time

3. Definitely ERP Increases Efficiency

4. ERP Benefits Your Customers

5. ERP Improves Data Quality

6. ERP Reduces Work-in-Progress

7 . Streamlines & Automates Processes

8. ERP Offers Intangible Benefits

9 . Competitive Advantage

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