Odoo CRM-customer relationship management

Odoo CRM-Customer Relationship Management

Odoo / Open ERP is a comprehensive suite of business applications including CRM, HR Management, Inventory Management, Marketing Management, Project management, Purchase, Manufacturing, sales etc. Odoo / Open ERP is one of the most used open source solutions in the world. It has a dynamic community, is flexible, and can be adapted to your needs. It can be put in production rapidly thanks to its modularity and is easy to use.

Customer Relationship Management is simply, managing the relationship with our customers. CRM includes all aspects of interactions that a company has with its customers, whether it is sales or service-related. Odoo Customer Relationship Management covers the features like Sales part, Messaging Part, Marketing part and reporting part. The reporting part includes sales analysis & marketing analysis

Sales Part:

• Create the customers with full details.

• Ability to create leads.

• Maps website inquiry to leads.

• Ability to convert leads to opportunity.

• User-defined stages in opportunity.

• Ability to assign special salesman to customers.

• Ability to handle claims and its details.

• Ability to arrange helpdesk and support.

• Questionnaires.

• Contacts segmentation.

• Ability to set geo locations for partners.

• Ability to analyze customer history.

Messaging Part:

• Groups.

• Ability to write log notes under any document.

• Ability to send the message based on any document.

• Ability to schedule calls/meetings with customers and write the summary.

• Ability to convert the message to To Do list.

• Archive facility.

• Organizing calendar.

Marketing Part:

• Campaigns and its follow-up.

• Mass mailings and email delivery reports.

• Mail templates.

• Surveys.

Reporting Part:

a) Sales Analysis

• Lead analysis.

• Opportunity analysis.

• Phone calls analysis.

• Claims, Helpdesk analysis.

• Partnership analysis.

• Sales receipts analysis.

b) Marketing analysis

• Mass mailing analysis.

• Campaigning analysis.