School library software — Perfect management of school library !!!

School library software — Perfect management of school library

School library software — Perfect management of school library !!!

School Library is remarkable user-friendly automation software that automates the routine tasks in a library expeditiously and quickly. School Library is featuring rich, easy to use and relentlessly support user demands. This package is capable of managing Receipt and issuance of books, subscriptions, cataloging, managing fine, generating various reports for Records and automates the overall processing of a library.

School Library is advanced and unique library automation software designed and developed by Cybrosys Techno Solution Pvt. Ltd. This software is suitable for all type Institutional, public and digital libraries for managing their circulation and stocks.

School Library controls and centralizes the whole distribution process reducing a loss of books, over ordering and replacement costs thus saving money and time. Any User of School Library can customize the system to feel easier for data entry. School Library provides informative help for each form of the system to makes it easy to understand and also describes each field on the form. School Library very easy to use and generates real-time reports quickly and easily. Librarians and media specialists have contributed ideas to make this software flexible and user-friendly. School Library is highly recommendable because of our helpful staff. We guarantee that Library Packages uncompromising feature set provides for superior library management. We guarantee that School Library will go a long way in satisfying user requirements. The School Library will not only improve the efficiency but will also reduce human stress thereby indirectly improving human recourses. The system is capable of managing Book issue, Book returns, Magazine / Newspaper subscriptions, calculating /managing fine, generating various reports for Records etc.



Create data base.

Delete database.

Backup database

Restore database.


Book Management.


Member Registration/Renew.

Creating member directory

Check out.



Member reservation list.

Fine Management.


General settings

User settings.


Book search.


· Books and member record management

· Interactive search facility

· Easy Navigation and Updating

· Option for blocking delinquent users

· Circulation

· Generates all required library reports

· Exporting of entire reports into Excel, HTML, Open Office format

· Provides multi-user environment

· Option for setting privileges to various admin

· Provides facility for keeping track of admin activities

· Backup & restore option for database

· Importing option for books & students

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