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You are right. My thought on CO2 was about plant food and old line fire extinguishers cooling and removing O2 from a room…Also I learned that CO2 is not the only greenhouse gas — and that it is carbon the culprit as carbon is emitted from the combustion of fossil fuels — the carbon then joins with oxygen in the atmosphere forming CO2 which lets sunlight thru; but is opaque to the returning light..I stand corrected…So now a scientist from Georgia has found a microorganism which eats CO2 turning it into energy..Clean energy is available as only a small percentage at this time..One source stated that the earth’s surface temperature increased by 1 deg. F in the past century. Does not seem like much unless it starts to accelerate… You might consider looking into the Hindu and Yoga teachings about the Yuga Cycle..Earth has returned to an upward cycle in 2015. And another interesting study is the part that solar flares pay in global warming.. And I read a while back that one volcanic eruption has the pollution effect of a year’s worth of fossil fuel combustion.. Happy Sunday and perhaps we can both agree that doomsday is far far into the future…..

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