You’re Not Meant to Do What You Love
Brianna Wiest

This is the advice I got from the school careers teacher. I’m 45 now, and you know what? He was completely wrong.

‘Don’t pursue what you love’ is terrible advice to give to a young person who hasn’t much confidence and doesn’t know yet what she might be good at.

The problem is though — advice is always terrible — for someone.

For every overconfident kid who is not going to make it as a doctor (or, more likely, a singer or a premiership footballer) there is another person who could achieve much more with their lives but never do, because their world was full of people telling them to choose safe options.

(Turns out, there are no time machines. Those safe options can turn out to be less than safe, and for someone who has been channeled into playing to their supposed strengths, rather than something they really wanted to do, it can be impossible to turn back later. )