Shut the fuck up about being nothing

The title says it all. I’ve had so many friends come to me and text me “I’m nothing.” And to them I am going to say — fuck you.

One, for all the scientific reasons of you having physical mass and texting me, you are not nothing. This is factually untrue.

Two, if you’re my friend, you have been there for me. By saying you’re nothing, you’re effectively saying that everything you’ve done is nothing, and the effect you’ve had on me is nothing. Fuck you. I don’t keep friends that I don’t enjoy.

Three, I get it you are insecure, but telling me you’re nothing won’t change anything. I’m serious. Having someone telling you you mean something might make you feel better for a day, a week. But it means nothing. I can’t save you. You will only feel like something when you stop truly believing you’re nothing — wow what a revelation.

Four, arguing with me that you’re nothing won’t make me believe you’re nothing. You’re trying to persuade yourself you are something by telling me this, because you know I’ll contradict you. Save us the time of this hour-long debate please.

Five, I love you and it hurts to see you talk about yourself like this.

I can’t save you when you feel like nothing, but we can talk about what or who’s making you feel like nothing. Tell me what’s actually wrong.

This is a note to all the friends who have told me they’re nothing. And I get it. I don’t understand everything that’s going on, and it’s hard to help me understand when we haven’t gone through the same thing. But know that I’m here and I’m also done trying to force my way into your heart when you shut me out. It makes me feel like nothing.

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