The brand which gloriously monetised #Demonetisation is not Paytm

Since the demonetization move introduced by PM, several brands especially fintech cum e-commerce brand- Paytm, are leaving no stone unturned to capitalize on this opportunity.

Paytm which is known for spending a ludicrous sum of money in branding and customer acquisition, just as expected quickly launched multiple TVCs to juice this opportunity. The ads, however, created a furore over internet due it to its ‘alleged’ ‘provocative’, ‘hurtful’ nature. Icing on the cake was the theatrics of Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal.

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Anyway, Paytm did what it had to, created the furore that it expected to and generated the earned media that it wanted to. Later, when the sensitive SJWs (social justice warriors) of the internet started declaring on Twitter- “I hate you, hate you, hate you Paytm, don’t ever talk to me’, Paytm’s CEO VS Sharma sheepishly tweeted- “sorry, mishtake ho gaya” and then raised the middle finger of both hands and pointed it to the screen.

Other mobile-based consumer businesses like Freecharge, Flipkart, Ola too participated in the race but not so brazenly like Paytm.

But of all of brands who joined the demonetisation bandwagon the one which emerged as the silent victor is Ahmedabad based Bakeri Real Estate.

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TOI carried this ad in its Ahmedabad edition and Bakeri received our awe and pleasant attention for all the good reasons some of which I have stated below.

  1. First thing first, Bakeri is the first Real Estate brand (or first that I have come across) which insists on totally ‘white’ transactions and it has our respect for that.
  2. The copywriter is a minimalist of the highest order. Although, I understand that he couldn’t really do anything with their pre-determined tagline- “Environment is our attitude”, but rest of the copy is plain gold.
  3. Design. Yeah, what’s there to design in it, it’s total white? But look at the clever choice of not using ‘black’, which is conventional, as the font-color. This further strengthens the point they are making. Perhaps, it is spontaneous and the font-colour is just synced with logo’s colour but either way, the outcome is brilliant.

What’s your take on this? Did you concur with my observation or did you find anyone exploiting demonetisation better than Bakeri?

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I want to be the kid who told the emperor that he is naked. Currently @webengage.

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