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Random Notes From My Phone

My Thoughts that Needed an Escape

1. Why waste time on one night? With the right person you could have a booty call for the rest of your life.

2. There is a fine line between love and hate and some people love to push me by walking that line.

3. I am the product of my experiences. I am imperfect and flawed. I am beautiful and strong and amazing.

4. Men that lead with “I have a job, own my car and my house,” I’m not interested in financial security. I rely on myself for that. I’m interested in a partner. Not all women need or want to be taken care of financially. You have so much more to bring to the relationship. So man up and face your insecurities.

5. When she listens she listens with her whole body and when she responds she responds with her whole heart.

6. You haven’t hit peak status until a poorly dressed New York drag queen calls you an idiot under her breathe while strolling down Central Park Ave in her furry high-heeled house slippers and sheer ankle-length lacy nylon pullover.

7. That ass. I licked it. So it’s mine.

8. Maybe earth is just a big melting pot. Or maybe it’s just the galaxy's Australia where aliens just put all their criminals here to get them off their planet.

9. On sex: I feel like a chef who’s been told she can only cook for parties. Who knows when her next party is going to be. And what about all the times in between when she is inspired to use her skills? Cooking relaxes her. Calms her mind. What’s the harm?

10. I have a book inside me but I don’t know if the desire is strong enough to carry me thru all the hard work it will take to write it.

11. Whenever I want a penis I just pick up a pen instead.

12. I can be strong and sensitive. I can be independent and codependent. It’s the black and white thinking that gets me into trouble. I need to start thinking in gray. I can be one side of the spectrum to the other and everything in between. I can be all of it.

13. And at the end of my life if I continue to ask questions and seek knowledge I will have a beautiful painting that touches my soul.

14. I need something navy (almost black) or cream (more with taupe tone) that is long and hits mid thigh and preferably cinches at the waist but doesn’t flare at the hips like a dress because it makes me look ridiculous since I have nothing up top and can’t be straight all the way down either because I have no hips to give it shape and dressy enough to wear to work but comfortable. Tried peach and turquoise but it just makes me look like I’m ready to receive the The Lord’s Supper on Easter Sunday at a southern baptist church on any given corner down here in the Bible Belt.

15. Better never let me in the same room with you alone./ Why? / Because I’d fuck you until you had a heart attack./ *be still my heart*

16. More and more lately I find myself thinking in dichotomies and its mentally ripping me apart.

17. Just an ordinary woman with extraordinary determination.

18. Vienna sausage with testicles. Unhung. Wouldn’t fill a nostril.