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The team here at Cyclos are excited to announce that after months of hard work and iteration, our alpha mainnet product is now available to anyone holding a Cyclos Mainnet Ticket.

For Cyclos Mainnet Ticket holders, you are now free to access the concentrated liquidity pools at

Opening Thoughts

The successful launch of a DeFi product involves many competing variables. A balance must be struck between the urgency of meeting supporters’ anticipation with the necessity that best practices are strictly followed at all times, to ensure the protocol is safe, secure, and functions as intended. This is an issue…

The Cyclos team are proud to officially introduce CycloSwap- the most advanced swap interface on Solana. The importance of the swap mechanism to DeFi is often taken for granted, despite the fundamental role it plays as a basic DeFi infrastructure component. Perhaps for this reason, the level of innovation and…

Cyclos has been working with Halborn, an elite cybersecurity auditing firm in the crypto space to ensure the security of its concentrated liquidity market maker platform. Halborn was tasked with subjecting the market maker platform to a range of security tests. …

Dear Cyclonauts,

On September 9th, 12PM UTC, our native token $CYS will be trading! 🎉

As many of you are new to the Solana ecosystem, we have laid out a 5-step guide on how to purchase $CYS tokens from Raydium.

Step 1: Buy Solana ($SOL)

When using Solana on-chain applications, you will be required to use Solana…

Hello Cyclonauts!

August has been a month filled with exciting developments here at the Cyclos HQ.

Seed Round Closure

The Cyclos seed round was successfully closed and resulted in investment and support from a range of well-respected institutions.

We are pleased to confirm that we received 1m in funding which will help us…

This is a guest post contributed by Jonas Klemm. You can follow him on Twitter @blockchaisin

tl;dr: (1) Uniswap v3 + (2) Serum + (3) Solana = Cyclos = (1) concentrated liquidity and a familiar UX + (2) bootstrapped price finding and volumes + (3) positive sum interactions

Introducing the building blocks of Cyclos


Summarised transcript of the Cyclos Telegram Community AMA

On Thursday the 15th of July, the Cyclos community held an AMA with Daniel and Shardul.

Introduction to Cyclos, from Daniel and Shardul:

Cyclos is a concentrated liquidity market maker. What does that mean? We let liquidity providers choose what price ranges their liquidity will be active and earning rewards.


The DeFi Summer of 2020 and rise of DEXs have revolutionized not only the world of cryptocurrency, but finance as a whole. Before the rise of the Automated Market Maker (AMM) DEX model, users who wished to trade their crypto assets on DEXs were left at the mercy of low…


Concentrated Liquidity on Solana

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