K12 Computer Science Field Report and Market Map: Sept 2017
Reach Capital

This is a great overview of where things are. However, I think economics are only one aspect of why we should teach CS.

Computer Science is applicable in daily lives, and as a field is incredibly interdisciplinary. I think there’s a huge spot for CS in schools as a core subject munch in the same way that biology, physics, and foreign languages are viewed.

In terms of tools and curricula there’s a whole lot of technology that’s missing. Pretty much all the curricula providers I know are working with bare bones solutions for delivering content, and more imporantly a complete mish-mash of tools when it comes to getting feedback from individual classrooms.

Of course, the other big component that’s missing is professional development. I imagine this is a tricky problem to solve from a typical view of a venture funded project, but there’s plenty of room here for platforms that enable funding of projects, as well as tools that help providers deliver PD — especially just in time knowledge. So much great work has happened in the past few years, largely funded by NSF and a few corporate grants, but there’s room for larger projects and larger scales.

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