Excellent piece!
Micah Sifry

Thanks for the kind words and the response! That Field Guide is a terrific resource and I’d be honored to have the draft timeline included. Yes as well to anything you care to add!

Your points about the beginnings and boundaries are well taken. I debated about trying to cover a longer or wider span of work in this post, but I felt what happened in ’08 was an inflection point. There’s a premise of non-partisanship in the side of civic tech that is sometimes better called govtech (that would have been at least as accurate a title here), that sometimes makes people uncomfortable with any type of advocacy as part of it. Which…can be one of its biggest weaknesses. I considered campaign tech and all the volunteer opportunities it offers; I left it out. I do consider public engagement tech civic tech, and agree that government isn’t the only institution that matters in the civic space. (I’ve been thinking about institutions as “things that act both at scale and over time” — B of A, for good or ill, certainly qualifies.)

Since you mentioned it here, I assume it’s ok to share the field guide — I know a lot of folks who will be interested! & if the opportunity ever arises, I’d welcome a chance to talk with you about this.

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