You can be Upset About the Beyonce Snub And Still Love Adele

Adele is BAE. Since that fateful day I heard “Rolling In The Deep” playing on the radio, I have been a passionate admirer of her work. It was love at first listen. I then proceeded to excavate everything she had ever done prior to the “21” album. I found a gem in “Hiding My Heart Away,” from one of her mix tapes and “Hometown Glory” remains one of my favorite tunes to date. When she went on a five-year hiatus, if felt like a personal slight. I would roll up in my blanket after a long day and allow “Day Dreamer” gently waft over me. And if you’re not convinced of my complete adulation of Adele yet, check out my Facebook page where her songs make up more than a solid 50% of my covers.

Beyonce is boss. Flanked by Kelly and Michelle during “Survivor” days, she made a 10-year old me feel powerful in her femininity and she hasn’t stopped ever since. Beyonce sneezes and the world has another hit song. Her ability to stay relevant, current and important through the years — to the point where “contemporary” artists pale in comparison — is nothing short of genius. The only person who can out do Beyonce is Beyonce. I have not loved all her songs, but my respect for her work ethic has remained unwavering. Her determination, energy and commitment to craft is unparalleled within the music industry. When I grow up, I want to be like Beyonce.

And that’s why it seemed like a set up when the Recording Academy decided to pit these two power houses against one another in several key categories this year. I couldn’t possibly pick a side. I’d have to wait and see who wins. But when I heard that “25” had won over “Lemonade,” in the coveted “Album of the Year” category, it didn’t feel like the award had gone to the deserving record.

Now don’t get me wrong, “25” was the album we had all been waiting for and it didn’t disappoint. When “Hello” was released, I welcomed it like a long lost lover. I stanned hard as the song broke records, bragging about Adele on social media like she was my younger sister — she’s older than me but still. It was the return of the Adele we had been missing and we were relieved that she hadn’t changed. It was familiar.

But “Lemonade” was out of this world. From the way it was released to the content itself, the entire experience was groundbreaking. Beyonce delved into the black female experience, wrote an entire thesis on it and then transformed those words into a visual masterpiece. Several months after its release, bloggers and think piece writers are still scrambling to decode the messaging behind some of those visuals.

What the [heck] does she have to do to win album of the year? — Adele.
Same Adele. Same.

I found solace in the fact that even Adele agreed with me. She gave us some of the most gracious moments ever witnessed in an awards show with that adorable acceptance speech. I heard she also broke the award in half so she could share it with Beyonce. Just when you thought you could not be more endeared to Adele.

And I also felt for Beyonce. The fruit bore witness to the call, showing us that she poured her heart into “Lemonade.” Every single detail was well thought out and rendered beautifully. And she was robbed of that “Album of the Year” award. Without a doubt. If you disagree, pick a time and place where we can circle each other for a few minutes and then settle this in a running man battle.

For the past 42hours, people have been getting all up in their half-baked feelings; both the Adele fans assuming that sadness over Beyonce’s loss automatically translates to dislike for Adele; and the Beyonce stans getting all fake offended because Adele said “black friends” in her speech. Listen, you underestimate your capacity to feel complex emotions. But it’s possible to be mad that Beyonce lost and still retain your love for Adele. And you can be happy that Adele won and still acknowledge that Beyonce was a worthy contender for the prize.

Side note: Can these two just bless us with a duet already?