I will have my revenge on you.

In the dark of the night, I will exact my vengeance in heavy kisses, in dark eyes, in silence when you ask what I’m thinking, what I’m feeling, what I’m doing with my tongue. I will ignore your pleas of “harder”, “faster”, “oh god, just there,” I will take every exacting inch of agony from your flesh as I show you what horrible thing lurks in my breast. What an awful, painful, wonderful aching you leave in my bones — it is for this I shall make you pay with angry caresses in the dark when there are no witnesses to my crime. I will catch your protests — your lies — between my teeth, bite and nip until they bleed and you do not mind the taste of salt, until they blend with mine and for the moment it won’t matter where the fiction ends and the truth begins. I will pull your lying soul from your body, I shall turn it over in my hands, so rough you think it might break, so gentle you fear it won’t. And thus revenged upon you, I will place you back in almost the exact shape I found you in, let you slip back into the sleepless void from which I claimed you, none the wiser to what I have done, what I have taken.

I will place your lies in my breast, and as the weight of them beats behind my heart, you will have had the last laugh after all.

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